Hamster Chew Toys

When people think of fun hamster toys, the last thing that comes to their minds is probably chew toys. Don't dismiss these items as silly though. Hamsters, much like a lot of other animals, love to chew on things. And if they love to chew on stuff, they will! So instead of letting them eat things their not supposed to, why not provide them with something that is good for them?

Any reputable website or pet shop should have a number of hamster chew toys for you to choose from. A lot of these are tasty little numbers for your pet as well. So not only will your pet chew his way to a healthier lifestyle but he'll actually get some enjoyment along the way. Most of these toys run from about $3-$7 for a small pack. Not much considering they'll last for a super long time. Hamsters teeth aren't that big and their appetites are even smaller! If you don't want to go this route, here's another suggestion.

In my experience, Hamsters love to chew wood. Get yourself down to the pet store and look for some wooden chew toys for rodents. They should be labeled clearly as non-toxic and not contain any traces of an evergreen tree. For some reason, hard woods aren't supposed to be too healthy for hamsters. Stick to softer woods so you don't risk your pet's teeth.

If you're a tad on the stingy side, don't worry. Remember that climbing toy you made out of cardboard? This can easily double as a chew toy for your pet. Yep, that's right. All you have to do is put a cardboard tube in your hamster's cage and let him rip. Stick to cardboard without ink in it and you won't have to worry about your pet getting sick.



  1. you said avoid cardboard with ink. im totally with you on that one but you can give your hamster coloured KLEENEX boxes. I dont know if you can trust scotties and syuff but KLEENEX is okay just remember to take ALL the plastic off NOOOOOOO PLASTIC OR YOUR HAMSTER COULD GET REALLY REALLY SICK!!!

  2. What are some other ideas of homemade gifts??? I'm kinda broke! HELP!!!!!

    1. You Can Make Homeade Chew Sticks I've been doin it for my hamster also Haha But If you just go out side find a thin Peice of a twig Make shure it's thick anuff to last a while NO POINTED ENDS!!!!
      Cover it in peanut butter thin layers though After that cover it in her/his favorite Food/seeds and keep it in the refridgerater for 3 hours Then take out Give to your hamster! Its Cheap Very! And Only Give them 1 of these a month or they will get very fat and not exercise \! Hope you like Comment and tell me how it whent!

  3. First Toy
    Food Dispenser/ Chew Toy
    If you have a glass cage with a top with holes like me: 1. Get a paper towel or toilet paper roll, a few paper clips and some hamster food or treats 2. At one of the ends of the roll fold it up so its secure. DO NOT TAPE IT! This will hurt the hamster if it chews on it. 3. Fill the tube about 3/4 of the way up with hamster food. 4. Stick a bent paper clip through the top and atatch it to the top with the paper clip.
    Your hamster should start to chew and play with the toy. I tried this with my hamster and she loves it. After your pet has chewed the food out detatch the toy from the cage and it will work as a tube. 2 toys in 1!!

    If you have a wire cage: Do the same as above except you don't need the paper clip. Just slide the tube through the wires in the top of the cage.
    Second Toy
    Cardboard Box
    Hamsters love cardboard boxes to sleep and cuddle in. Grab a cereal box for example and place it in your hamster cage. Try cutting holes for windows and putting some bedding in it to make your furry friend more comfy. Pretty simple!!
    Third Toy
    Plain Old Tube
    The best things in life are the simple things... at least hamsters think so. If you just stick a plain tube in your hamster's cage it will have fun chewing and running through it.

    I found this on a web site, hope it helps!!