Climbing Toys For Your Hamster

We all know that hamsters love to run but this shouldn't be the only type of exercise they get. Climbing is a wonderful way for hamsters to get a workout and have some fun too! It works out their little arms and legs while giving them a bit of cardio. There is also something to be said for mixing up your hamster's playpen. It just not really fair to only give your pet running toys. If he is constantly using his wheel, it's probably a sign that he enjoys exercising. Get him something new! A climbing toy may be just the ticket...

When considering a climbing toy for your hamster, there isn't much to think about. These toys can be very simple or extremely complex. For the simple kinds, you could almost make something up yourself. Take a couple cardboard toilet paper rolls and fasten them together with some non-toxic glue... The toy won't be beautiful but chances are your little guy will still climb it!

As with all hamster toys, whether handmade or store bought, you should always consider the materials that they're made out of. Every toy bought in a store should be thoroughly investigated before purchased. Check out the label. Make sure that the toy is non toxic and all that. Although the toy should be climbed, chances are your hamster will want to chew it a little bit as well.

If you want to go full on with this, check out the Rotastak Hamster Home seen below. How cool does this thing look?! It basically combines all sorts of climbing, running and digging exercises for your hamster. There are all sorts of variations on this toy available. The jungle one is particularly neat. These things aren't cheap but come on... Splurge on the little guy!



  1. Where did you get that cage?

  2. wow cool the other toys please

  3. where did u get that ,it is awesome/amazing

  4. where did u buy it and how much was it? its freaking awesome!

  5. I've seen a similar cage in pets at home, you could always buy extras to add onto it ;)
    Heres the cage:

  6. cool cage where did u get it